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Ryan and Katie kicked things off this week by informing the world about an Indiegogo project by Mike Dubue, formerly of the Hilotrons. He's been commissioned to set music to The Adventures Of Prince Achmed, the oldest surviving animated feature film. The film will be screened alongside a live performance of Dubue's score on April 30 at the Bytowne Cinema.

Next, our hosts were joined by Randy Innes, assistant director at the School of Photographic Arts: Ottawa (SPAO). He told us about Exhibition No. 8, a yearly event featuring a collection of photographic work by SPAO Portfolio students. This year's exhibition explores classic photographic processes and features projects that look at themes like nature, the environment, identity and self-discovery, many of which embrace the idea of photography as storytelling. The exhibit runs from April 19 until 26.

Katie then brought us some sobering news about the Byward Market's prospect for the future. A report by a U.S. non-profit says that we risk losing the market's distinctive flavour in the face of encroaching big business, bars and touristy establishments.

In other news, A Tribe Called Red's new track Indian From All Directions, a collaboration with the now defunct Das Racist, was given an exclusive premier on Pitchfork this week. Congrats to one of the hardest working electronic acts in town. You can hear it on their Soundcloud page.

Hilotrons - Lost in Yichang
Andrea Simms-Karp - Alternative to Flight
A Tribe Called Red - Indian From All Directions
Fevers - Passion is Dead (Long Live Fashion)
The Goodluck Assembly - Wait for Me
Aidan Knight - Telecommunicate

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Katie and Karen were holding it down in the studio this week. They started the show off with the first in a recurring series of chats about local politics. This week's iteration brought news that Ottawa's Planning Committee has approved a 45-story tower called Icon that is slotted for Little Italy. Though there are still plenty of roadblocks in the way, this brings the neighbourhood-changing tower one step closer to being a reality.

Next, our hosts were joined with members of local "ouija-rock" band The Yips to chat about their show this Saturday with F Hood and Kings Quest at Club Saw. The band is really excited about the local reaction to their music, as well as the growth in and variety of the current scene.

Our hosts then took us through the efforts of Mayor Jim Watson to drum up interest in bringing a new baseball team to the city. The Fat Cats, who started playing out of the east-end Ottawa Stadium in 2010, have suspended operations as the prospect of a Double-A team is bandied about.

Here is what we played on the show this week:
Couples - Scar Teens
Suuns - 2020
Jokers of the Scene - John I'm Only Braindancing (Jokers of the Scene remix)
The Yips - Vicinage
Metz - Rats
Jenn Grant - The Fighter
Suuns - Minor Work

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Ryan and Karen opened the show this week with a phone interview with Jesse Alberto, proprietor of the recently opened House of Barons barber shop. The shop on Sussex some previously scarce men's grooming services to Ottawa, like straight blade shaves and shoe-shining while you wait. Our hosts then chatted with Michael Wallack of Wallack's Art Supplies and Sharif Virani of Creative Mornings about Art Throb, a night of music and interactive art in support of the Ottawa School of Art (OSA) and School of Photographic Arts: Ottawa (SPAO). This week's show also featured some discussion of CHUO's brand spanking new iPhone app, which you can download at their website.

Here's what we played on this week's show:
Zoo Legacy - Out All Night
Souljazz Orchestra - Bibinay
Fire by Fire - Make It Happen
Zoo Legacy - All Falls Down
Silkken Laumann - On The Mend
Roberta Bondar - Night Danger

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This week's show hosts were joined by Jeremy Dias, who filled us in about this year's Jer's Vision/International Day of Pink Gala on April 10. This is the eighth year of the locally grown anti-homophobia campaign, and what better way to celebrate than by heading to the gala at the Government Conference Centre at 6 pm? Next, Ryan chatted with A Tribe Called Red's Bear Witness about their Spirit Track party, an event that happened as part of Electric Fields. To round things out, Max Savage from self-proclaimed RawBeat rock duo Still Native came down to the studio to talk about their debut self-titled album, which was recorded in just two weekends.

The CHUO funding drive has wrapped up for another year, so thanks to everyone who helped support community radio in Ottawa!

Here is what we played on the show this week:
Suuns - 2020
A Tribe Called Red - Trap Heat
A Tribe Called Red - Native Puppy Love
Ariane Moffat - Walls of the World
Still Native - No Steam
Kellylee Evans - Good Girl
Dala - Life on Earth

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It was foodie madness on the show this week, and Ryan and Jared were joined for the whole show by foodiePrints' own Don Chow. In a week filled with foodie news, Algonquin College announced a new bursary for culinary excellence in honour of former Ottawa Citizen food editor Ron Eade. Part of the show focused on the news that Art-Is-In Bakery will be rolling back their wholesale operations, meaning that you won't be seeing their bread on every menu in town going forward. In other big news, Kichesippi Brewery is jumping into the soda business, starting with a flagship ginger beer. Local Dark and Stormies, here we come! And Richard's Hintonburg Kitchen, helmed by Juniper founder Richard Nigro, just opened in everyone's favourite west-end foodie hood. Look out for an early review from Apt613 this week. All these stories and more dominated the week in foodie news.

Steven Flood from The Black Tomato called in to chat about their new late-night menu, which is set to challenge misconceptions that Ottawa is an early-to-bed kind of town. Check out their rather extensive list of microbrews while you're there. While en route to Toronto by car, Roberta Bondar called in to talk about their new EP Hiss, which is being released on tape.

Here's what we played on the show:
Suuns - Powers of Ten
Kman and the 45s - Sheena is a Punk Rocker
The Peptides - Revenge at the Vinyl Cafe
The Peptides - Attack of the Treadmill
The Yips - Blood Meridian
Roberta Bondar - Haus
Tall Trees - Fickle Fiendish Friend

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This week, Karen and Katie took to the studio to celebrate International Women's Day. And Jared was there too. They had great chats with the wonderful women behind Urban Craft Market and Carleton's Science Café. Katie also sleuthed out some interesting facts about artistic, athletic and political women in and around Ottawa.

All of the songs we played featured musically inclined Canadian women. Here's the track list:
Hannah Georgas - Let's Talk
Jill Barber - Mischievous Moon
Julie Doiron - Borrowed Minivans
Meaghan Smith - Heartbroken
The Most Loyal - Daisy
Ohbijou - Darcy

The CHUO funding drive is happening right now, so if you appreciate Apt613 Live and community radio in general, be sure to hit their website and make a secure online donation!

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In the interest of greater accessibility for our readers, we're trying out a new format for Apartment613 Live post this week. Now, in addition to being able to listen to the full, unabridged show (here or in iTunes), you'll also have the option of listening to each individual interview by way of a nifty Soundcloud link. Let us know what you think about the new format in the comments.

Ryan steered the show solo this week, and like many people around town, he's really excited about the announcement that Bjork will be playing Bluesfest this summer. He also had the chance to chat with the organizers of Femicon, the local International Women's Day event at the Library and Archives on March 8.

Next, the folks from Ideavibes called to talk about the Apps for Ottawa contest, which aims to reward developers for coming up with useful, creative, and effective applications using the City of Ottawa’s OpenData.

Ryan capped off the show with conversation with Mitchell Burton, artist in residence at the School of Photographic Arts: Ottawa. Mitchell is presenting a new exhibition called The Seats, a photographic study of the spaces that are designed to welcome people to public events.

Here are the songs we played:

Bjork - Possibly Maybe
Solange - Lovers in the Parking Lot
Tegan and Sarah - I Couldn't Be Your Friend
Karim Ouellet - L'amour
A Tribe Called Red - Trap Heat
Animal Collective - New Town Burnout

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On this week's Apartment613 Live I caught up  with Patrick Gauthier to chat what he going on at this year's Undercurrents Festival at the GCTC. There is a pretty great line-up at this year's festival. You can also read a few reviews from our own theatre blogger, Andrew Snowdon, on Apartment613.

I also gave fellow  Apartment613 Editor Katrina Marsh a call to find out what she has planned for our annual sex survey. You can fill out the survey online here and also discuss all your sex questions online with our panel of experts.

We finish the show with a post-tour chat with The Strain, who are coming home to Wakefield for a homecoming show on February 22nd.

Our playlist for the show features a few artists that I've got on heavy rotation this week, including Hayden and Tegan and Sarah. I also played a few artists from this past weekend's In the Dead of Winter festival. Enjoy the show!

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We are safe and sound in our new timeslot on CHUO - now 5pm on Thursdays. This week's show features an exit interview with Meg Wilcox, former host of bandwidth on CBC. We also find out all about the kilt party at 8 Locks Flat. Contributor, Jared Davidson talks to the organizer of Ottawa's very own board game convention. 

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This week's episode features a live musical set from Yuri Bakker who is in town as a musician in residence at Cafe Alt. Yuri plays Cafe Alt as part of a series organized by Popdrone starting February 1st. We also caught up with Rolf Klausener to get an update on The Acorn and his other on-going projects at the Manx and Arboretum. We round out the show with a chat with Marc Clairoux, a former gang member who will be taking part in the Ottawa Library’s human library project this weekend. 

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