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This week, Adria was joined by DJ Memetic for the entirety of the show. Memetic is one of the masterminds behind Timekode, one of Ottawa’s longest running DJ nights. Timekode is having its eighth anniversary today, so Memetic took us through the history and evolution of the night. We’ve also officially entered the season of the craft fair, and our hosts rounded out the show with a look at what’s new and exciting in the world of crafty gatherings.

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With Apartment613′s Support Local campaign raging, we decided to bring you a best-of show this week. Listen below for some of our favourite segments and interviews in 2013 so far. And be sure to check out some of the more than 60 events taking place during Support Local in November!

Here are the tracks we played on the show this week:
Scattered Clouds – People Walk
HILOTRONS – Runaway Heart
The Goodluck Assembly – The Police 

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Ryan and Adria were joined by a producer from the National Arts Centre to talk about their new Casual Fridays events, launching today. Today's event brings together food, wine and performances of Berlioz's Symphonie Fantastique and Cameron Carpenter's The Scandal.

Next our hosts had a chat with local musician Amanda Rheaume about this year's Babes4Breasts activities. The campaign's has raised more than $100,000 since its inception for breast cancer research.

Here's are the tracks we played on this week's show:
HILOTRONS - She Knows My Condition Part 1
Berlioz - Symphonie Fantastique Fourth Movement
Her Harbour - Green Bellows
Amanda Rheaume - Better Days Ahead
Arcade Fire - Afterlife 

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Karen and new co-host Adria started this week's show with an interview with Ottawa's own DJ Magnificent. Mister Magnificent is celebrating the fourth anniversary of his Double Barrel show, a weekly vintage soul and reggae DJ set, with a Mad Men themed Halloween party.

Next our hosts chatted with Noah Venkatarangam, an Ottawa-based multi-disciplinary musician and visual artist. In 2009, Noah released an album called Human Geometry, and he's just now released a genre-defying follow-up called Wonderheart.

Here's what we played on this week's show:
Kathleen Edwards - Six O'Clock News
Dave & Ansell Collins - Double Barrel
Gene Faith - Family Man
Noah - Replacements
Amanda Rheaume - Better Days Ahead
Andrea Simms-Karp - Alternative to Flight
Kathleen Edwards - Hockey Skates

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This week, Trevor and first-time show host Michaella Francom were joined by Derek Künsken, programming head for Can-Con 2013, a conference in speculative arts and fiction. Fantasy and sci-fi buffs take heed: the conference kicks off tonight and wraps up on Sunday, October 6 at the Minto Suite Hotel downtown.

A local video game developer is Kickstarting a sequel to River City Ransom, a classic Nintendo action game. Conatus Creative has already raised more than $150,000, on their way to a total goal of $180,000. This week, Chris sat down with developers Daniel Crenna and Mark De Verno to get the story.

Bill Murray Masterpieces launched last month at the Oz Kafe on the venerated actor’s birthday. It runs until October 13. Trevor met two of the artists, Parisa Ghaffari and Mara Shields, as well as show curator Devin Atherton, down at Oz earlier this week.

Here’s what we played on the show this week:
Beverley Terrace Sloan
2020 - Suuns
That Feeling Diana
Blood Meridian The Yips
The City With No Rivers Basia Bulat
Bathtubs Royal Canoe

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This week’s show kicked off with a chat about Saturday’s Ottawa Food Truck Rally. Karen and Trevor were joined by Lunch owner Tim Van Dyke, who will be bringing their food truck to the rally at the corner of Rochester and Pamilla in Little Italy.

Next, our hosts had a chat with David Gourlay, founder of Champions for Ottawa Baseball. The group was disappointed this week when city officials vetoed Ottawa’s chances for a AA baseball team due to the high price tag.

The Ottawa Cookie Jam on October 5 will pit 60 bakers against each other in a battle for cookie supremacy. Apt613 editor Yasmin Nissim had a chance to sit down with Cookie Jam organizer Jessica Dunkin to get the delicious details.

Here are the tracks we played on this week’s show:
Transformer – The Dodos
Winter Park, CO – Pat Lepoidevin
My Friends – Paper Lions
6-4-3 – Buck 65
Please Do – Pony Girl

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Tune in to Apartment613 Live every Wednesday at 9 p.m. on CHUO 89.1 FM. If you miss it, you can catch this week’s show using the handy Soundcloud widget below. And remember to subscribe to the podcast version of the show on iTunes.

It was all hands on deck this week as Ryan was joined by editors Yasmin and Chris for a packed show. The crew started things up with a chat with local author Catherine Brunelle, who is among the first Canadians to join the Kickstarter revolution as she raises money for her new book, The Adventures of Claire Never-Ending. She's since obliterated her $3,000 goal, and you can get the full story here.

Next, we were joined by Meghan Smith, Creative Director and Curator of this year's Nuit Blanche. Megan told us all about this year's all-night art party, which has been greatly expanded for this year. New neighbourhoods include Downtown GatineauSparks StreetDowntown Rideau. It all kicks off on Saturday, Sept. 21 at 6:21 pm, but in the meantime, listen to the interview below.

Finally, Katie called in to chat about this year's edition of Hood Wars. Things kicked off this week with a poll on Ottawa's favourite neighbourhood restaurant row, and early indications say that Hintonburg is way out in front.

Here are the tracks we played on this week's show:
Runway Heart - Hilotrons
Victoria - Braids
Phinn's Her Harbour
Prag - Andrew Vincent
The Darcys - Hunting
Florestan Yuri Bakker 

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On this week's show, Ryan and Chris chatted with Ottawa International Animation Festival Artistic Director Chris Robinson. The festival, which Robinson says is probably the second largest animation festival in the world, kicks off on September 18.

Chris and Ryan rounded out the show with discussions on our beer guide and the local sports team that will remain unnamed on Apartment613 until their management can learn to show a little sensitivity.

Here's what we played on this week's show:
Autumn's Dead - Fevers
Hockey Skates - Kathleen Edwards
Molotov Cocktail - Souljazz Orchestra
Man - Neko Case
Sisters - A Tribe Called Red 

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It was an editorial pile-on this week; no less than four Apt613 editors contributed to making the show a reality. A big part of the show centred around this weekend's Arboretum festivities. Ryan and Francois were joined by organizers Stéfanie Power and Rolf Klausener for a lengthy chat about what it took to bring the festival to life this year.

Next, our Vice Editor Katie had a chat with Karen about her thoughts on Odyssey Theatre's production of Arms and the Man. The show's run lasts until August 25, so be sure to catch it while you can.

Here is what we played on the show this week:
Dirt - Sarah Neufeld
Honour the Dead or Else - Owen Pallett
Growling - Cousins
Petunia - Her Harbour

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Once again, Karen was alone in the studio this week, but she was joined by Taralyn Marshal, the organizer of the Ottawa edition of the Brewery Market. The next event takes place at the Parkdale Market on Sunday, August 25.

Here's what we played on the show this week:
A Soft Place to Land - Kathleen Edwards
Metal Girls - Jim Bryson & the Weakerthans
Emergency Street - Hilotrons
Na Na Boo Boo - Medhi Cayenne Club
Up in the Belfry - Winchester Warm
Cracks and Clues - Winchester Warm
Don't Stop - Owen Pallets
Anxious - Cousins
The Baron - Craig Pederson Quartet
Jealousy - The Hornettes
Lone Crow - The Peptides

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