This week on Apt613 Live, Jared hosts the entire show by himself! We hear interviews with Gerry Paquette (Professor of Game Development at Algonquin) and the guys behind Creative Mornings, a lecture series for those who like to learn while they breakfast. Paquette and Jared talked a bit about board games in Ottawa, why he teaches board game theory to students who want to design video games, and what sorts of board games he is planning to make. This podcast features music from The Balconies, The Riptides, The Arcade Fire, The Dymaxions, Timekode, Hyfidelik and Prufrock, Ikor Vein and Templedon.

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This week on Apt613 Live, Ryan, Karen and Jared talk about Sandbanks Winery, the Burlesque Assassins, Coffee with Ian Clark. There is talk of getting away from it all, sensuously spying on people, and having a nice cup of coffee, fresh from the Bridgehead Roastery. 

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This week on Apt613 Live, we play some music from this year’s Bluesfest, Karen interviews Greg Searle from Harvest Noir, the guys behind 327 Wine Bar on Somerset. And we do it all without the guiding hand of Ryan or Trevor. Despite our impediments, we prevail, delivering wacky humour and informative, earnest discussion. 

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