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Hey Apartment613 aficionados, looking for some thought-provoking background noise while preparing the holiday turkey? (Or tofurkey, we don't judge.) Then check out our penultimate 2012 episode of Apartment613 Live.

On this week's show, we get the lowdown from Sparks Street Mall executive director Les Gagne about the party being planned for New Year's Eve, while simultaneously taking a critical look at the past and future of the pedestrian thoroughfare Ottawans love to snark about. We also air part two of our interview with singer-songwriter Royal Wood — you can listen to part one here, or read a condensed version the entire conversation here. And for our readers who liked dark meat, cranberry sauce and fruit cake before they were cool, we spin a bunch of great holiday tracks by some of the country's finest independent artists.

And don't forget: we'll be back on Boxing Day with our "Best of 2012" episode! You won't want to miss it.


Ohbijou, "Last Christmas"

Jim Bryson feat. Jeremy Fisher, "Snoopy and the Red Baron"

Wilderness of Manitoba, "O Come O Come Emmanuel"

Lindi Ortega, "Christmas Eve With You"

Sister, "Sleigh Ride"

Royal Wood, "I Want Your Love"

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Howdy, Apartment613 Live fans! Interested in buying a bookstore? Taking in a beer-themed lecture? Or simply hanging out at a local coffeeshop with one of Canada's top singer-songwriters? Then you'll definitely want to check out this week's podcast.

We kick things off with a preview of today's Creative Mornings lecture — despite the name, this one's actually taking place at noon — which will feature Steve Beauchesne talking about all the creative goings-on at Vankleek Hill microbrewery Beau's. Later on, we send intrepid Apartment613 editor Jared Davidson over to the Collected Works bookstore to find out why the owners are selling their shop for a mere loonie. And we close the show with part one of a two-part interview with Montreal-based singer-songwriter Royal Wood, who'll be bringing his sweet sounds to the National Arts Centre in early January.

There's also tunes aplenty, including brand new stuff from Julie Doiron and Hollerado — whose hot air balloon-themed video you can watch here.


  • Julie Doiron, "Can't Take It No More"
  • Yamantaka/Sonic Titan, "Queens"
  • Glorious MoonRockets, "Sharp Ends"
  • The Clientele, "Bookshop Casanova"
  • Royal Wood, "The Thick of It"
  • John Wort Hannam, "Great Lakes"
  • Hollerado, "Pick Me Up"
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This week Ryan was joined by Mike and Mike of Vanier Now fame, the foremost experts on the study of Vanier. They're at the forefront of the collision (or collusion) of many disparate elements that are changing the very fabric of the neighbourhood, and over the last year their blog has become a beacon for those changes.

Edward Ocampo-Gooding from Open Data took us into the local municipal data mines and gave us a look at the kind of awesome initiatives that can be made when that data is put to good use. Think ambient music generated by local bus schedules, efficient garbage pickup and other cool data mashups.

Regine from Victoire gave us an impassioned look at the kind of chutzpah it takes to run a small business, which is especially important considering that our Support Local campaign just ended. The takeaway? It's important to support local businesses and initiatives year-round if you want these interesting independent retail outlets to survive. But don't take our word for it. Hear what Regine has to say in her own words by checking out the podcast. Then go buy some local goods!


  • Aidan Knight, "Singer Songwriter"
  • Serena Ryder, "Merry-go-round"
  • Jim Bryson, "Fleetwood"
  • Hey Rosetta, "Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel"
  • Diamong Rings, "I'm Just Me"
  • Jenn Grant, "Green Grows the Lilac"
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So, an admission: whenever someone mentions Timeraiser, the annual art auction that took place this past weekend at the National Gallery of Canada, I immediately think of this horrifying guy. And then I end up mildly terrified. 

But! The good news is that none of the Timeraiser-related guests who descended upon our studios in the basement of the University of Ottawa for this episode of Apartment613 Live are in the business of harvesting human souls, as far as I know. We chat with Paul Sharp, one of the many artists whose work was available to be purchased with a handy donation of volunteer hours. We speak with Amanda Munday, one of the organizers of the event—now in its fifth year here in the capital. And we get in touch with Tessa Mintz of the Canadian Youth Business Foundation—one of the groups that will benefit from those art-loving volunteers—to discuss global entrepreneurship week.

And of course, we play a whole schwack of good music, while also mangling the name of one album at the start of the show (sorry, guys in the Mohawk Lodge, your new album is not self-titled but rather called Damaged Goods) and playing the wrong Jenn Grant song at the end. Volunteer-powered radio, everyone!


  • The Mohawk Lodge, "Using Your Love"
  • Rah Rah, "I'm a Killer"
  • Dave Norris and Local Ivan, "There's Lonely, There's Lonelier"
  • Cuff the Duke, "The Ballad of Poor John Henry"
  • Jenn Grant, "All Year"
  • Jenn Grant, "You'll Go Far"
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Hola, Apartment613 Live listeners! This week, we air a fantastic two-part interview we originally recorded during the Ottawa International Writers Festival with the multi-talented Jian Ghomeshi,  host of CBC Radio One arts and culture talk show and—more recently—author of the coming-of-age autobiography 1982. (And also a purveyor of fine granola, in case you didn't know.) 

But if turning the microphone on one of Canada's most notable radio personalities isn't enough reason to tune in, we also catch up with the folks behind new Ottawa "underground" restaurant Revelry House. Plus, there's your weekly dose of new Canadian music—including tunes from The Luyas, A.C. Newman, and the Hilotrons. So are you going to give us a listen? Of course you are.


  • The Luyas, "Traces"
  • Foam Lake, "True Hearts"
  • A.C. Newman, "Encyclopedia of Classic Takedowns"
  • The Darcys, "Peg"
  • Hilotrons, "Emergency"
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It’s the Halloween episode of Apartment613 Live, everyone! So brace yourself for a chilling hour of terrifying, bloodcurdling—er, actually, to be honest, we didn’t include too much in the way of traditional frights. Unless you count the shrieking pumpkin toy I couldn’t resist using on-air a few times.

Then again, maybe you’re terrified by the idea of dozens of plaid-wearing cyclists taking over the city's streets, gnawing on the flesh of any drivers or pedestrians they encounter! If that's the case, commence trembling, because we got Chris Sheppard of local microbrewery Kichesippi to tell us all about the city’s first ever Plaid Parade—a big part of Support Local Month here in the capital. We also chatted with Urban Craft coordinator and co-founder Krista Leben about the city’s demonic late fall/early winter craft show scene. And we spun eeeeeeeevil tracks from the likes of Zeus, Esmerine, Aidan Knight and Death From Above 1979.

So download away, avid listeners! Download—if you dare.


  • Zeus, "Anything You Want Dear"
  • Aidan Knight, "A Mirror"
  • Esmerine, "A Dog River"
  • Lindi Ortega, "Murder of Crows"
  • Fellow, "Sold Your Soul to a Landfill"
  • Evening Hymns, "Dead Deer"
  • Death From Above 1979, "Romantic Rights"
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On this week’s Apartment 613 Live, Ryan is our lonely host for an hour full of local happenings.

Last month’s Nuit Blanche was reportedly attended by something close to 30,000 people, and next year’s nuit can only get bigger. The art-filled night’s organizers are already in the planning stages, securing sponsorship and debating layouts. Nuit Blanche 2013 is planned for September 21st. Visual Arts Editor Diane Bond joins Ryan by phone to offer her perspective on these early planning stages.

Next, Amie Beausoleil of Unshaven Mavens discusses the benefits of growing underarm hair for charity. Every October, Ottawa women sign up with Unshaven Mavens, vowing not to shave in support of Rethink Breast Cancer. Tonight, the Mavens are throwing a Red CarPIT bash to honour their supporters. Awards will be presented, including the “Jolie Pit” for the nicest armpit and the “Brad Pit” for the fullest hair growth.

The restaurant Union Local 613 recently ran into some difficulty when Service Ontario told them their name needed to change. The reason? The name might confuse people into thinking the diner was an actual union. Now that the province is allowing the restaurant to keep its name, co-owner Matt Stanton joins Ryan to tell the whole story.

To catch this radio show live, tune in to CHUO 89.1 fm Wednesday nights at 9pm. And be sure to check out Taste of CHUO at city hall this Sunday. 

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This week on Apt613 Live, Karen and Ryan are our guides for an hour of creativity, boxing, and food.

First up, Katie Frappier joins us to discuss her upcoming Creative Mornings talk. Fappier is one of the co-owners of Victoire, and she will speak to a crowd of enthusiastic breakfast-goers at The Hub this Friday the 19th with Regine Paquette, the shops other owner. For more info, check out the Eventbrite.

Speaking of Creative Mornings, Sharif Virani, the man behind the Ottawa chapter of the breakfast/lecture series, is in-studio to discuss his recent event with Chef Matthew Carmichael. Part of Feast World Wide, an international initiative that aims to bring people together over good meals to discuss community improvement, Virani’s event was held in partnership with the Ottawa Food Bank.

To wrap up the hour, Karen Diepeveen and Jon Schofield visit Beaver Boxing Club to chat with the organizers of the upcoming Battle of the Beats. The event is a showdown between two local DJ groups, TimeKode and Ceremony, in a real-life boxing ring! It all takes place this Friday at the Beaver Boxing Club at 145 Spruce. Tickets are 5 bucks at the door and proceeds go to the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa.

This week’s show features music from Diamond Rings, Jenn Grant, the Hilotrons. Matthew Barber, The Wooden Sky and The Shrine.

To hear this show live, tune in to CHUO 89.1fm every Wednesday at 9pm. 

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This week's episode of Apartment613 Live features Trevor and Ryan performing a live rock-paper-scissors competition on the air. We also interview Mike Dubue, to chat about why things are wrapping up with Hilotrons. They play their last show on October 20th at the Blacksheep Inn. We also chat with Rhapsody Blue, a fire eater performing in the Capitol City Cabaret later this week. We start the show off with an interview with the folks behind this weekend's Brewery Market, happening in Hintonberg. It’s totally worth a listen! 

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This week, Karen takes to the airwaves solo, narrowly avoiding any long rambles in the absence of her co-hosts. The show kicks off with music from Hey Ocean, Parlovr, The Most Loyals and Shout Out Out Out Out, before heading into Chris and Yaz's Kingston food adventure - which happened right here in Ottawa! From there, we enter O-town Hoedown territory with an interview with Lefty McRighty and hear some tunes from Jack Pine and the Fire. 

After that? Music from Mother Mother and a surprise PSA from Vincent, who drops by the studio to mention herodads.ca. And then, more music from Hey Ocean, Parlovr and Yukon Blonde.

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